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Tips to save money on Valentines' Day flowers

Posted by Shevya Som

Valentine’s Day is incomplete without roses.Over decades, roses have continued to be the mainflower variety used to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Roses are available in an array of colours such as red, white, yellow, orange, pink etc. Each colour of a rose signifies a particular emotion. For instance, red symbolizes beauty, courage, love, respect etc. White symbolizes purity, innocence, youthfulness, true love, reverence, humility and charm.The Yellow colour symbolizes gladness, friendship, joy, delight, welcome back, new beginnings and remembrance. Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, desire and fascination and peach symbolizes intimacy.


Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers to celebrate the special occasion of Valentine’s Day but they are expensive and there are cheaper alternatives to roses such as tulips, orchids, sunflower, gerber daisies, carnations, lilies, succulents etc.



Tulip is considered to be a popular Valentine flower and a cheaper alternative to rose.They are also available in a host of colours and each colour signifies a specific emotion. For instance, yellow tulips signify cheerful thoughts, white tulips signify forgiveness, where as pink and red signify fresh beginnings.These flowers are considered to be a good alternative to roses as they are more affordable, easily identifiable, can flourish in the water for a longer time. Since they last longer compared to the other flowers, they symbolize eternal love. Send flowers to Delhi and delight your lady love on Valentine’s Day.



Another good substitute for roses is orchids.  These flowers symbolize luxury, beauty, love, and strength.



This exquisitely beautiful cheery coloured flower signifies the sun. A bouquet of sunflower conveys happiness, adoration, warmth and lasting love.


Gerber Daisies:

A red gerber daisy can be a good substitute for a rose. A multi coloured bouquet of these peppy flowers can convey an array of emotions such as” admire you,” " love you," "thank you," and "you are the cause of my happiness"



There are varieties of lilies in shades of red, yellow, white etc. Lilies symbolize beauty, magnificence innocence and purity. Buy a bouquet of lilies online and ensure same day flower delivery and pleasantly surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day this year.



These vibrant blossoms are second in popularity only to the roses because of their reasonable price and feminine appearance. They are the perfect flowers for the initial stages of a relationship.Pink carnations signify pure and innocent love and for being cheaper compared to the roses, they prove to be a good alternative for the popular roses.



The succulents are spiny and the varieties such as cacti, aloe or sempervivum can last couple of months with a little care. These are the perfect Valentine flowers to gift your significant other on Valentine’s Day.



Dark purple or blue irises symbolize loyalty, hope, and faithCombine them with red daisies or tulips for an amazing combination.


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