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What Do Red Roses Signify Click Here To Know More.....

Posted by Shevya Som

The tradition of sending flowers to express deep emotions began during the Victorian era when flamboyancy was unacceptable by the society. Known as fluorography in the modern times, the art of sending flowers to convey secret messages fast picked up trend with Valentine’s Day. However, this was not restricted to this day alone, but to many other occasions like funeral, anniversary, friendship, etc. In fact, the meaning behind each flower was taken from various legends, myths, and fables. Moreover, the colour red was associated with a number of goddesses of love, Venus and Aphrodite.

The colour red, and especially red roses, is used discretely. Symbolising passion and love, the red roses are often exchanged between lovers and people having special romantic relationships. A popular gifting item during the Valentine’s Day, the red rose has been the subject of a number of poets and authors in both the romantic era and the modern era.

Red as a Symbol of Love

Red roses for Valentine’s Day are a concept of the modern period, but the flower has often inspired many poets and writers across ages. Renowned Scottish poet Robert Burns, for example, compared his love to a red rose in the classic ‘Red, red, rose’. Moreover, the soldiers in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ lost their heads for painting white roses red. Today, globally red roses mean ‘pure love’ and ‘soulful passion’.

Red Roses- A History

As already explained, red roses were often associated with various Greek goddesses. Later, during the Christian times, it was symbolized as the virtue of Virgin Mary. Poets like Shakespeare and Gertrude Stein, used the red rose as the prime subject in their literature.

Now that you know about the literary history of red roses, you know how special a person has to be to be sent such gifts. Red roses have always been a subject of interest for poets and authors. Needless to say, there have been a lot of other people, including celebrities who associate their inner-most feelings with red roses.

You would be surprised to know that red roses are also associated with some health benefits in various forms – Roses water is known to treat various skin problems, also to sooth sore throat and as an additive to bath water for rejuvenating the senses. However, roses have been an integral part of natural medicine owing to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, relaxing and toning properties.

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